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Do You Even Clone, Bro?

Cloning is currently making great strides in science and is becoming a real possibility, but most of the world is against it for obvious ethical reasons. Cloning is dangerous and should not be carried out, even if we have the scientific ability to. First off, animal clones that have been created so far have many medical issues. Many died early or had to be euthanized. If we tried to carry the same procedure out with a human, we could have similar results. Even If scientists did fix the medical dangers, I still do not agree with cloning humans. The process that must be taken to study this involves creating and destroying embryos, especially in therapeutic cloning. Many people do not think that these embryos are human lives, but no matter what you believe, they are undeniably the beginnings of it. It is unethical to use these methods, especially to study something so controversial. A huge moral issue is the emotional weight you are putting on the clone’s shoulders. It would be psycholog…

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